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We convert your PSD to Semantic HTML5/CSS3 and Responsive for multiple devices.

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No Hidden Cost:No Credit Card Required:Expert Team:Handcodded Markup

Everything you need without any additional cost

In addition to being lower-priced than our competitors, our handcrafted quality has been recognized as the best.

Features We Others

@Font-Face/TypeKit/Google Webfonts

If there are non-web fonts in the design and you prefer to keep the text editable maintaining the original look without using images.

Free $9 to $15

Retina Display Compatibility / Icon Fonts

Usage of Icon fonts, 2X or SVG images. Retina Display Compatibility works only on Apple devices.

Free $59 to $89

jQuery Implementation

We have been using jQuery Since its inception. (Standard Plugins like Tabs, Lightboxes, Slideshows, Accordians, Calendar, Image Gallery/Carousel etc.)

Free $19 to $59
Each Plugin

CSS Framework

Twitter Bootstrap / Foundation Zurb / 960 Grid / HTML5 Boilerplate

Free $39 to $59

Microdata - Only for HTML5

Microdata is designed to make the data you already publish in web page for humans, available to machines effectively.

Free $9 to $29

LESS/SASS - Only for HTML5

CSS preprocessing using Less/Sass is a method of reusing similar Classes and Styles and arrange them in bundle of mixins and variables.

Free $39 to $59

Resizable Fonts (on request) - Only for HTML5

Font Size adjusts acording to screen size. Font sizes defined in "EM" not in Pixels.

Free $19 to $29

Common Questions bugging your mind

  1. What is your pricing structure?

    We don't nickel and dime you by charging for basic features. All the features like Microformats, Print CSS, Javascript Interative Features (like Slideshow, Image Gallery etc), CSS Sprite are included and we only use the latest HTML5 web standards. To keep things simple, we charge by the page. Any page with different layout will be considered as new page.

    We charge flat $95 for each HTML5 responsive page.

  2. How do you support your customers?

    We provide support to our customers via email, You can send us email to support@psdhtml5slice.com. We will get back to you within minutes, during our working hours.

  3. How do you make a developer's life easier?

    Of course! We do all the hectic work by converting your Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator artwork into HTML5/CSS markup. We handle it all: JavaScript/jQuery Plugins, HTML5, CSS, drop-down menus/flyouts, mouseovers, file optimization; saving you time at a fair price. And let you to concentrate on your business.

  4. Do you redesign/convert existing websites into HTML5?

    Absolutely! We will gladly convert your existing website (even if it's quite old and not search engines friendly) to HTML5 just as you wish.

  5. What browsers do you support?

    We create the code according to W3C standards, and our markup is displayed correctly in all popular modern browsers. We test your web pages with latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. We also test with one previous version of these Browsers.

  6. Do you make mobile compatible websites?

    We test your pages with iPhone, iPad and major android devices and ensure that everything works perfectly on all such mobile devices. If your project requires any javascript plugin we make sure that we use only mobile/touch friendly plugins for your projects.

  7. What if I am not satisfied with your service?

    We will make sure this does not happen. While working on your project, we take care of the smallest detail and spend hours on testing your pages in every possible way. However, if you are not satisfied with any of our work or service, you don't pay us anything. This is because we do not require any upfront payment to start working on your project.

  8. What is your turn-around time?

    Generally we deliver all projects (upto 1 Home Page + 3 sub Pages) within 7-8 working days, If you require us to complete your project earlier, then please send us a message while placing your order. Not all projects fits in to same scope, So we request you to submit your design to estimate time-frame for your project.

  9. What do you need to in order to begin work on my project?

    Just provide your basic details on order page. Our project manager will contact you to discuss about your project. You can share your design files via any medium of your choice, and we will start working on your project.

  10. What are your payment terms & how do you deliver Final work?

    We do not require any upfront payment to start your project. We complete your project and host it on our staging server. If you find everything acceptable, you pay us full amount of your project and we deliver your mark-up (and its related files) in zip format. Since we do not require upfront payment to start your project, We don't entertain any refund request after completion of project.

  11. What if I have some issues or I want some changes to the completed markup?

    We provide 30 to 45 days of free support period depending on your project size. You can send over a list of changes to be made. We are happy to help you with minor modifications. However, If any of your changes were not part of the initial estimate and require a great deal of effort then we may quote a reasonable quote for that change. Otherwise most of the fixes are covered in our free support period.

— No additional charges, if you want to expedite your project! —

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